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24 Seater Mini Coach Hire

Stansted Airport 24 Seater Minibus Hire 
We are a professional, local Stansted Airport minibus hire company. We offer quality 24 seater minibus hire in Stansted Airport at affordable rates without sacrificing the quality. In fact, we are one of the most reputable and trusted company in the region, since most of our clients we get from referral and repeat services. 
We offer transportation services to various destinations in and around London, especially tourist attraction sites, wedding events, schools, business meeting places, concerts, stag and hen do parties and many places our clients may prefer to visit. We have a range of luxury minibuses from some of the most reputable manufacturers, including: 
• Ford transit 
• Volvos 
• Mercedes 16 seater for smaller group 
• Iveco coaches and many more.  
We are always committed to ensure that your journey is as successful as possible. 
Why you need to take advantage of our 24 minibus hire  
24/7 services 
Our booking offices are open 24/7 and our team of experienced drivers is always available to pick and drop you any time. Even if it is an emergency, please just call us. Our vehicles will reach you within the first 15 minutes of your call.  
Excellent customer relationship 

We have developed awesome relationships with our clients, allow us have their details. This enables us to give them discounts on their next booking with us. We always strive to offer personalised transport to our clients via close discussion of their need. 
Comfort and safety 
Our 24 seater minibus hire is fitted with luxury travel amenities to enhance the safety and comfort of our passengers. We avail carbonated drinks, audio devices, TV, conference seating style, safety belt and reclining leather seat belt, tea/ coffee on the go, toilet, special amenities for disabled clients and much more. 
What you can see and do in Stansted 
Stansted is an attractive place with so many interesting things to explore with or without children. There is a toy museum nearby, where you will have the opportunity to see both old and modern toys, as well as learn the history of the museum and the town. 
The Duxford Museum is another a must visit museum. It has a number of collections of both civil and military aircrafts: The aircrafts existed from as early as the 1950s to 1960s. You can use our minibus hire in Stansted Airport to visit this place.  
Explore the Cork House, where you can enjoy yourself with soft drink, hot tea and food.  
Visit the British architect, Sir Norman foster building, which remains open since 1991. You will have a chance to see the features unique designs in the ceiling that allow daylight to penetrate to the base. 
For a little shopping, get to Saffron Walden market. The market is well preserved with thriving individual shops, impressive stately home and unique Tudor turf. 
For more information about our Stansted Airport minibus hire, please contact us now for affordable quotes!